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A Flavor for Everyone 

Our cakes are not only beautiful, but delightfully delicious! We are one of the few who still make everything homemade from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Select a flavor for your Special Occasion!


Cake Flavors

Banana * Lemon Poppyseed * Chocolate * Butter Pecan * Raspberry * Fudge Ribbon * Carrot * Strawberry * German Chocolate * Hummingbird * White * Chocolate-Italian Crème * Italian Creme 


Filling Flavors

Apricot * Lemon * Amaretta * Mocha  * Raspberry * Hazelnut * Strawberry * Kahlua * Toffee


And More! 

If you do not see a particular favorite listed, please call as we are adding new items regularly.


Josephine Brent  (512) 731-8870

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