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Josephine Brent


Austin, TX  

Phone: (512) 731-8870

How much are your cakes?

Pricing is determined on a cake-by-cake basis by the complexity of the design. and number of slices you need.  Once you have determined a design idea, call me and we can visit to finalize. 

How do I order your cakes or desserts?

We are by appointment only.  We do not have any cakes or desserts pre-made for sale.  Every dessert is custom made to order.  We typically need 3-4 days notice on dessert orders and at least 4 weeks for wedding cake orders. You can always text me an order as well. 



What's your payment policy?

For wedding cakes we require payment in full prior to delivery.  For other cakes or desserts for parties we ask that you pay upon delivery.  We can invoice you or your company if you request prior to delivery.


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