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About Me

I am Josephine Brent; daughter, mother, sister, wife, and friend.

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Baking has been part of my life since childhood.  My grandmother,  whom we affectionally called 'Suga' was a wonderful cook. I remember her powder blue cookie jar which lived in the corner of her kitchen; it always containing a few bites of heaven.

My mother, Nancy Spencer, better known as 'Nana' picked up where Suga left off with kitchen talents.  Baking was a daily talent my mother had perfected......with my dad close by to perform quality control. 

And now me, the third generation!  My first business was homemade bread which my life long friend Lisa and I made,. We would pedal the bread to our culdesac....always selling out!  We never made it big, but we became proficient in the kitchen. at a young age.

Special Occasion Cakes was born and the fun has never ended. Our son, Spencer keeps me company when baking goes late into the evening; daughter Sarah is an amazing delivery driver--knowing all the backroads of Austin is imperative with traffic and my sweet husband Greg never stops making last minute grocery runs!  We must not overlook my dad, Papa, and his other skill set, building all the cake stands I dream up, this makes him a crutial part of Josephine's Special Occasion Cakes! 


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